Frequently asked questions

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How many vehicles are allowed on each property?

Red Oak/Blue Bird Hideaway – A Combined number of 5, The max number can be discussed at the time of booking

Honey Bee Hideaway – 3 Vehicles 

Hummingbird Hideaway – 3 Vehicles

Little Fox Hideaway – 2 Vehicles

Do you decorate the cabins for the holidays?

Yes, We decorate for major holidays like Easter, Halloween, Valentines day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

Do you have a Grill on Property?

Yes, coal is not provided, but barbecuing utensils will be readily available.

Do we need a tag to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

Yes, for more information or to purchase your tag, please visit: https://smokiesinformation.org/product/annual-parking-tag/?v=7516fd43adaa